Nigel Streeter – An Update

In my previous post on ‘Linked In,’ titled ‘Sort of Compelled’, I was talking about why – after having been a police officer for more than thirty years – I feel compelled to actively pursue my long held passion and ambition for getting involved professionally in acting, presenting and directing. So, here goes with the latest update:

I have now found a collaborator (Fritz O’Skennick) who seems to have the skills and knowledge that compliment my own and even though, in truth, we were brought together by our shared disillusion and disappointment with having to deal with, and sometimes manically dance to, the tunes of so called ‘important’ people just to get any opportunities or get anything done, it has now turned into a pleasurable and fun thing to do which has provided us with chances to create our own opportunities, be the masters of our own destinies and actually get out, fool around and do we love doing.

By necessity (i.e. lots of enthusiasm and commitment but almost no money) we are the joint directors, producers, lead actors and location scouts, tea boys etc on our main current project – the ‘Penarth’ fun sci fi web series. In addition, Fritz is responsible for the editing and the majority of post production issues whilst I am in charge of casting, logistics (and sandwiches!). We are pleased to have so far released up to Episode 5 (Silence is Golden), with episodes 6 and 7 in post production now. It is intended that the series will eventually consist of 10 episodes, so we are currently looking at ways of raising some money (not quite a fortune) as these final episodes will involve more people and bigger production values than the previous ones. Interestingly and quite deliberately, the whole process is carried out using only an iPad. This includes all shooting, special effects and film finishing. The decision to use iPad is due to it being a very fast and relatively straight forward way of working. We can usually shoot an episode in a day or two and Fritz the editing maestro can get a ‘teaser trailer’ (or on occasions a whole draft film) out sometimes in that same evening. So none of that tedious waiting for months nonsense eh?

We are also writing and planning a number of other film projects over the next few months and it really does feel like we have now ‘taken the bull by the horns’ and are making things happen. So wish us luck (including a millionaire producer loving what we do?) and I will be giving you another update at some time in the not too distant future.


Craig Salisbury – Bubble


Ralvin Dizon – Jimi Hendrix

jimi_hendrix____by_thewalrusart-d6u6wga (1)

Dark Sky Discoveries – Luke Maggs & John Beard

A draft of a beautiful short piece to showcase the stunning night skies of South Wales.

Music: Crystal Fighters

Martha O’Brien – Shut Up

Shut Up

You talk too much, do you know that? Your mouth opens too wide
and the words come out faster than they should do- you go on
and on until the words run out, there’s only so much
you can say, I suppose. It’s a constant stream
of unwanted words, I can’t believe you’re
still going on. And as I strip the tape
you’re still going on and as I tie
the knots you’re still going on
and as it goes around your
face you’re still going on,
but before long the
tape is covered
and you have
no choice
but to be

Fountainhead: Fantastic Moon (official video) – Shot and Edited by Gavin Owen Media

Safeena Razzaq – South Carolina Parakeet


Jade Lauren Morris – Emaciated


Glen Mendes – Untitled

2013-04-08 12.56.09

Observation of a new bell ceremony at Easter, Notre Dame Cathedral

The Cradles – Do You Wonder Why?

Click link below to hear song

Do You Wonder Why?