Aagash Vadera

Aagash is a medical student at the University of Sheffield.  His favourite word/vegetable is celeriac (as of July ’13).

Adrian Mallory

Adrian is originally from Nottingham and is currently studying Civil Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

Angharad May

Angharad is currently taking an interruption of study from reading law at Cardiff University.  She loves expressing herself through poetry, art and music.   Her blog can be found at:

Bernard O’Brien

Bernard O’Brien is originally from Cardiff and is in the process of typing up journal entries from his many travels from June 1988 to June 1995. The diary reflects the minutiae of backpacking through Australia, New Zealand, Asia and South Africa while being obsessed with rugby. It also briefly mentions current events of the Tienanmen Square Massacre, the fall of  the Berlin Wall, the release of  Mandela, the poll tax riots, earthquakes in San Francisco, a hatred of Margaret Thatcher and the fact that it is impossible to travel long haul without a hangover. More entries can be read here

Bethany Serino

Bethany is a recent English graduate and writer living in Sheffield. She’s interested in both creative and journalistic writing and some examples of her journalistic pieces can be found here

Bob Doughty

Bob studied for his MA at MMU in Manchester and has a number of poster poetry projects backing his current work, “Its All About The Lemons” which hangs in the production offices of the ‘Spike Island’ film soon to be released on general distribution. He has had poems and short stories published in anthologies and magazines but likes to concentrate on poster poetry whenever possible.

Chanchal Kumar

“I am very passionate about poetry. I write honestly and only when my heart overflows with emotions.”

Chanchal is a writer from India, presently studying in the University of Delhi. His poetry is influenced by Pablo Neruda.

Darren David Weaver

Darren is a poet living in Cardiff and believes in the power of words.

Dave Attrill

Dave is a Sheffield based writer/poet, aged 36. He performs regularly at over five open mic literature nights across Yorkshire each month and is a popular regular at each. (‘So they tell me, he he’).  He has two books out, one crime novel and one poetry. He writes both comically and seriously, with the occasional topical themed poem thrown in.

Declan Andrews

Declan is a writer from Llanishen, Cardiff.
He studied History and Politics at The University of Exeter.

He blogs here

George Karidi

George is a screenplay writer from Splott, Cardiff.

Hannah O’Brien

“Obviously the dream is to be some sort of literary giant. But I’m 5″8 already and that’s quite tall for a girl, so I’ll settle with being a literary average sized person for now.”

Founder of Canon Taff, Hannah is from Llanishen, Cardiff.
She studied English Literature at The University of Sheffield and continues to live and work in Sheffield.

She blogs here

James D Quinton

James D Quinton is the author of two collections of poetry, Street Psalms and  The City is on Fire and Has Been For Weeks and two fiction novels, The Victorian Time Traveller and Touch. He is also managing editor of Open Wide Magazine which accepts submissions here Quinton’s published works can be purchased here

John Lusardi

John is a writer, musician and songwriter currently living his retired life in Blackmill, near Bridgend, but was born further up the Ogmore Valley at Nant y Moel. Being of Italian extract, he spends quite a lot of  time in Italy, where he does most of his writing. He won the Big Scribble writing competion in Manchester two years ago, and has had several pieces of work published.  His main inspiration in writing was his late friend from Ogmore Vale, writer Mogg Williams , as well as another friend Paul-Morris-Smith.Within the next two years he hopes to complete a story of which he has written the opening chapter.

Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia

Kenyatta Jean-Paul Garcia is the author of This Sentimental Education and Enter the After-Garde.  He was raised in Brooklyn, NY and was a cook for many years.  Currently he spends his nights putting boxes on shelves and by day runs and

Laura Shutkever

Laura is an English graduate from the University of Sheffield and aspires to work in PR and marketing.

Lauren Cooper

“I think excessively, therefore I write.”

Lauren is both a feminist writer and freelance copywriter from Burnley who graduated with a BA in English Literature from The University of Sheffield. Examples of her work, opinions and general thoughts on life can be found here

Lewis Haubus

Lewis Haubus was the winner of Sheffield University’s ‘Poem Into Space’ competition, judged by Simon Armitage. He currently lives and studies in York.

Martha O’Brien

Martha O’Brien is a writer from Cardiff. The fifth of six children, her writing reflects the way her brain is just as crowded as her bedroom. Read more of her work here:

Matthew Smylie

Matthew is a Falmouth University journalism graduate. He is currently nursing a 3 year hangover from a further education hedonist binge. He hopes to be, within the next 5 years, a literary icon. He’ll settle for a writer eking out his life on the proverbial bread line. You can find him online at and @MatthewSmylie on Twitter.

Mike Snape

Mike is a writer from Richmond, North Yorkshire. He currently studies Maths at The University of Sheffield.

Nick Willoughby

Nick Willoughby graduated from The University of Sheffield in the summer of 2013, and has continued to live in Sheffield since. When he is not frantically struggling to scrimp together a living as a barista in a local café, he enjoys writing short stories, articles, and – more recently – short plays. Much of his work can be found on his blog,

Pete Ak

“I don’t pretend to write poetry that has any profound literary merit, neither do I claim to have any unique gift. I merely observe, read and express myself, inspired by words of others wiser than I and by the passions that are stoked in me by emotions both wonderful and perverse. Most of my pieces are written with a view to performance and probably need to be read that way. Having studied Psychology, Education and Business and worked extensively with people experiencing psychological dysfunction, as well as students and businessmen I feel as if I have a lot of observations to write about!”
More of Pete’s poetry can be read on his blog, here

Richard Jones

Poet Richard Jones is originally from The Rhondda, but has lived in Germany since 1983.

“I never went down the coal mines but the rest of my family did. Although times were quite hard I do remember that the people of the Rhondda were hard working and had a camaraderie that seemed to wither away with the closure of the coal fields.”

Steve Nash

Steve Nash is a writer based in York where he lectures whilst finishing up his PhD studies.
He has been published widely and internationally and currently serves as the poetry editor of both Open Wide Magazine, and Indigo Rising UK.
He is featured in the Grist anthology of the best poetry of 2012, and the Stanza Stones Cultural Olympiad anthology helmed by Simon Armitage.

Tom Bevan

Tom is from Cardiff. He has a love of music, theatre, film and all things charitable. He writes poetry to help him sleep.
His writing can be found both here and here

Yuan Porters

“I do what I love and I love what I do; poetry”

Currently studying A levels at St David’s Catholic College, Yuan Porters is a poet from Llanishen, Cardiff.


Alexander Kharlamov

Alexander Kharlamov has been using photography as an outlet for more than ten years with previous background in traditional drawing and painting. He specialises in portraiture and fine art nude and is interested in mixing mediums and techniques. Over the years, Kharlamov has developed a hybrid process that is essentially free hand drawing on negatives using both digital and traditional methods of application to achieve surreal compositions. He is self-taught in photography with an educational background in Lic./MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management, then MRes in Management Research. He is now working on a PhD in engineering around supply chains, visual analytics and decision-making.

Beth Fenton

Beth is an artist currently studying biology at The University of Sheffield. More of her work can be viewed here

Clare Lewis

Clare is an artist and photographer from Leeds, currently studying at Leeds College of Art.

Eluned Glyn

Eluned is a ceramic artist who draws inspiration from the form of the classic jug of the 20th and 21st century. The modernist and cubist movements have been her points of reference, with their concept of a well designed form with facets and angles heavily influencing Eluned’s work. The movements are explored through the cohesive integration of form, drawing and surface pattern, and Eluned deconstructs her own drawings to create her interpretation of the abstract jug in three dimensions. More of her work an be viewed on her blog, here

Glen Mendes

Glen Mendes  is a 2nd year Student at Wimbeldon UAL Studying for BA (Hons) Fine Art Painting.
‘I’m an adventurist, alchemist, poet,and observant indulger’

Henry Williams

Born in 1963 in Wegberg, West Germany, subliminal fine artist Henry Williams moved to Wales in the 1970s and is now part of Artopsy Group, Newport. He has been painting, drawing and sculpting for thirty years, twenty of those professionally. His work has been exhibited in Wales, England and Amsterdam. Having worked as a Lecturer in Fine Art for the past eleven years, Henry is looking to show some of his new work in galleries. Here’s what he has to say:

“I have been looking quite deeply into my own dreams and documenting some of the strange and wonderful things that seem to pop into my head in a split second. It’s the Subliminal things that people don’t really think about too much and always tend to discard as nothing. However! What if it does mean something?I am attempting to get the viewer more involved with what they are looking at, and think about what is going on within their own subliminal thoughts and surroundings.My new work allows my unconscious to render in symbolic expression. I gather the ideas for these expressive and sometimes dynamic pieces of work mostly from my dreams, those little sparks of unconscious thought. As a youngster, myself and a friend (who is now stamping his mark on to canvas – Artist and Omni dimensionalist Jon Prothero) used to camp out up the mountains that surrounded us with no tents and take in what was around us.We used to build things from twigs and rock, mess around with mud and cow pats, singing around camp fires playing guitars and telling each other tall stories. I personally tried out the local delicacy, Magic Mushrooms, and this changed my whole way of thinking about the way we see things. Even now, when I am up the mountains the air seems to be full with a soup-like consistency; a protoplasmic mix of insects, falling leaves, birds, the wind and rain, shadows, and the heady aroma of wild flowers and pine needles. Symbols I feel have universal as well as personal meaning. When I am stuck for an answer to a problem or looking for creative innovation, this particular technique of drawing  unleashes the hidden symbolic powers of my unconscious mind.”

Jacqueline Jones

Jacqueline Jones was born in Wales and is a raw artist. Her work was displayed in the Tate Modern last month as part of tweet me up which involved underground art and social media. The piece chosen for display can be viewed here Other examples of Jacqueline’s work can be viewed here

Jade Lauren Morris

Jade Lauren Morris is an artist and musician based in Sheffield. More of her work can be found at her blog:

Jess Brown

Jess Brown is currently studying Archaeology, Anthropology and Art History at the University of East Anglia in Norwich. She loves making things inspired by nature, and is often found covered in paint and clay. Her most prized possession is her ever-growing collection of nuts and washers. She blogs here:

Jon Prothero 

Jon Prothero studied a groundbreaking mix of theory and practice called Visual Studies at the University College of Wales. This helped him establish an art theory called Omni Dimensionalism. Omni Dimensionalism uses an eclectic range of influences and techniques to create a potent cocktail of artistic fusion.
Omni dimensionalism – Film 2 (2011) shows Jon at work using some unconventional techniques:
‘Izzy the Art Critic’: is a fun film starring  Jon’s cat who does not want him to use brushes for painting!
Jon Last Solo exhibition was in ‘Place de la arts’ Rolle Switzerland. (2012). Find him on Facebook

Lauren King

Lauren is an artist from Penylan, Cardiff. She is currently studying Scenography and Theatre Design at Aberystwyth University with aspirations to be a set designer.

Lindenberg Munroe

Lindenberg is a Brazilian/British artist and musician based in Manchester. He has drawn from a very early age, but had a 12 years hiatus until he decided to get back to the drawing board. His work can be viewed on his blog,, and his music can be listened to here .

Lucy Brookfield

Lucy is a versatile artist from West Lancashire currently studying biology at the University of Sheffield. She likes to use texture and vivid colours to create intimate scenes which capture a sense of personality and life. Her work can be viewed both on her website, and her facebook page,

Pete Heyes

Pete Heyes is a slightly unbalanced artist and animator whose festering brain secretions range from mildly unsettling to the apocalyptic. He also makes comics, paints skateboards and is a member of comics magazine and collective Ink Soup.

Ralvin Dizon

Ralvin Dizon is an artist based in the Philippines. You can see more of Ralvin’s work on his Facebook page and blog:

Rachel Grace Perry

Rachel is an artist/photographer and writer from Rochester, Kent. She is currently studying BA Fine Art at De Montfort University. More of her work can be seen here

Rosie Hood

Rosie is a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art. Her work is focused around textural, expressive drawing combined with symbolic imagery and is often layered with the help of a photocopier. Mono-printing, screenprinting and bookbinding are also frequent parts of her practice; she’s interested in using these techniques to illustrate scientific themes and theories in order to make them more accessible to the viewer. More of her work can be seen at

Safeena Razzaq

Safeena Razzaq is an illustrator based in Plymouth who specialises in printmaking. Her artwork tackles social and political concerns, her inspiration stemming from her upbringing and background as a young Muslim girl born and raised in the UK. Her work reflects elements of cultural diversity and cultural confusion, portraying aspects of her own personal journey. Not being afraid to tackle sensitive, controversial issues, Razzaq hopes her work encourages awareness in terms of role confusion and displays elements of her empowerment both as an individual and as a woman.

Sera Walker

Sera is a Cardiff based artist currently exhibiting in the Cardiff open exhibition and Newport’s U.R.B.A.N Gallery. She uses cameraless photography techniques such as lumen prints and photograms. Her work can be viewed on her blog, here


Tim Dickinson

Tim is an artist based in Anglesey, North Wales. He produces highly emotive and thoughtful images that explore the darker side of human emotion and the human condition. His work can be viewed both on his website, and on his facebook page

Yasmin Radecki

Founder of JustAddWater, Yasmin is an artist based in Derby. Examples of her work including paintings, decorations and customized accessories can be found here


Atman Victor

Atman Victor’s work has been featured in specialised magazines devoted to avant-garde from Spain, Australia and the USA and over a hundred on-line galleries and forums all over the world.

Runner-up in many international photography and digital art contests, the appreciation for the quality of his works is present on the many occasions when his creations have been awarded a prize or honourable mention, as well as when they have been selected in competitions and artistic events in many countries such as Asia Digital Awards 2002 (Fukuoka) SIGGRAPH 2003 (San Diego), Digital Art Salon of Cuba, Toray Digital art awards (Tokio) , International Art and Photo contest (Japan), Pixxelpoint Festival (Slovenia) and so on.

His digital work was included in the “International Contemporary Artists” art book, volume IV. 2012. New York. He was also part of a recent group exhibition at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art. New York City. 28 May-6 June 2013.

Chloe Newman

Chloe Newman is a London based photographer. She is currently in her second year studying a BA (Hons) degree in Photography at London College of Communication after completing a Art & Design Foundation at Camberwell College of Arts in 2011. Chloe’s work focuses on the themes of voyeurism and the uncanny within a staged tableaux. More of her work can be found at

Craig Salisbury

Craig comes from Leamington Spa and now lives in Sheffield. Sometimes he points a camera at things and sometimes he writes stuff down. You can find his blog at

Jacob Sanders

Jacob Sanders is a 20 year old photographer based in Cardiff. He is currently at the University of Wales in Newport, studying Photographic Art.  He predominantly works with his digital camera, but enjoys and often works with both 35mm and medium format colour and black and white film. All of his work can be found at .

Killian Reimers

Killian is currently in her second year studying BA Hons Photography at the London College of Communication. Her work involves an array of different themes, predominantly those of the uncanny, as well as those we follow through life; living, death, sex, and the self.

Sarah Kaner

Sarah is a freelance photographer studying Photographic Arts at the University of Newport. She is launching a website,, and examples of her work can be found at her blog

Sousila Pillay

Sousila was born in Hertfordshire, and after travelling to many inspirational countries, she now resides in Cardiff. Sousila gained a BA Honours degree in Criminology and Sociology, followed by a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling specialising in terminal illness. She set up a hospice counselling service in North Wales where Sousila used art with clients and patients to express heartfelt emotions. Alongside this, Sousila took an interest in the Media world and having been approached by the BBC began her journey as a Presenter having had the pleasure of interviewing Prince William and many other notable people including renowned Artist Paul Mellia, and Fashion Icon Zandra Rhodes. Presenting then grew into Feature Films where she gained the status of Producer and Casting Director. Whilst throughout her career, in both fields, Sousila has had a passion for photography and art, so in 2012 put her talents into motion, and in June 2013 put her artwork into the public domain, quickly selling her first piece ‘Colourful Defacement’.
More of her work can be seen through the following links:

Film/Video Makers

Chris Marsh

Chris Marsh is a Video Maker from Cardiff. Spotter, featured on Canon Taff, was nominated  at  Glimmer 2011 – The 9th Hull International Short Film Festival for the Anthony Minghella Award for Best UK Short. His films can be viewed on his website, Retronica Video, which also has links to his blog and other social media sites.

Gavin Owen Media

Gavin Owen is a freelance videographer based in the Welsh valleys. More of his work can be found on his Facebook page –

Jamie Depledge

Otherwise known as Wicked Ninja, Jamie is a freelance animator currently studying an integrated Masters in Animation at Sheffield Hallam University. He likes any style of animation but has a particular a fondness for stop motion, model making and using After Effects. He also creates tutorials that are made on and concentrate on open-source software. More of Jamie’s work can be seen on his website, here –

John Ninnis

John Ninnis is a Merthyr based filmmaker who has produced many short films since his time spent studying at Newport Film School. Mummy Fell Asleep (2009), featured on Canon Taff, was the winner of both Best Short film Internationally at The 2010 Heart of England Film Festival and Best Short Film under 10 mins at The Irish International Film Festival. Details of the film can be viewed here

Liam J. Dowler

“While examining the influence of the ‘punk’ movement in Newport, we venture to explore the passion and grit within the four walls of the world renowned small music venue TJ’s in Newport from the eyes of 4 high passionate individuals. With specific insight into the legendary John Sicolo and the legacy he left behind.

We plan to further examine the subject in the form of a feature length documentary, which has been researched and will continue to be researched in the coming years. We are highly passionate about the subject and would love to portray it properly, within a proper runtime and crafted with the love it deserves.”

Linda Bailey

Linda Bailey is an actor from the Rhondda Valley near Cardiff, South Wales. You can find out more about Linda and how to contact her on her blog,

Nigel Streeter

Nigel Streeter was a police officer in South Wales for 30 years. Much of the time it was a generally satisfying and rewarding career. But, unlike some of his colleagues, he never ‘loved’ being a policeman. His real love, since he was a young man was to be involved in acting, presenting and directing. Now, as it turns out, sticking with the policing proved to be the right decision as he retired with a pension at 50 years old.
In the last two years Nigel has been a bit of a ‘man on a mission’ having been involved in seven (or is it eight?) films as well as producing and presenting his two diverse shows (The ‘Weekend Wildcard’ and the ‘Bro Rock Show’) on local radio and setting up a community based Film Production Company in South Wales and his time is now dedicated to developing himself professionally as an artist.
It is amazing how motivated any person can be when they find the thing or things that excite them and seem to feel utterly and sometimes illogically compelled to do.
In truth, Nigel probably couldn’t have done this when he was 20 years old, but he is a very lucky man to have the opportunity to get on and do it now …onwards and upwards!

Rosina Andreou

Rosina, along with a group of Warwick students and members of Warwick Anti-Sexism Society wanted to open a more frank dialogue about sex and how it is affecting students.

Seven Hills Media

Seven Hills Media is visual arts production company based in Sheffield. Their close-knit team have been working together for just over a year and are about to take our first steps into full-time operation now they have finished our undergraduate degrees. More of their work can be found on .


Beat The Bandit

Beat The Bandit first came to being in the magical city of Preston when guitarist and singer Jimmy Hartnett first started sending song ideas to drummer Dan Jenkinson in 2011. Flash forward to 2013 ‘Pow’ we’re in Queenstown, New Zealand now (try to keep up) and a chance encounter with a busker lead them to another busker, Guitarist and singer Jon Wright and thus began a blurry year of…..

Now we live in Sheffield and have had the empty voids in our lives filled by Bassist Dav Hutt (There’s no typo, it’s Dav). Blending together two distinct guitar sounds with two distinct vocals created something unique amongst a sea of bland recycled indie music. The music sings for itself, but as you’re using your eyes, here’s some nice things people have said about us;

“Amazing purveyors of Psychedelic Indie with catchy songs and amazing melodies who manage to sound like The Coral, The Beatles and The Beach Boys all mixed up…a must see!!” -Mod for it

“The band fire out anthemic stabs of catchy indie pop, ferocious rock riffage and psychedelic dreaminess in rapid succession. .” -Charlotte Holroyd ‘Bitter Sweet Symphonies”

“Purveyors of psychedelic indie with catchy hooks and sublime melodies. Floaty bass lines and tight, jangly guitars reminiscent of the Strokes or, more contemporarily The Growlers with  rock’n’roll undertones and great pop sensibilities.” – The Washington, Sheffield.

The Cradles

The Cradles are a Cardiff based rock band. Their inspirations include The Kinks, The Doors, Pixies and The Smiths. The band members are as follows:

Joe Norman – Vocals
Kieran O’Brien – Lead Guitar
Declan Andrews – Drums
Luke Haines – Bass Guitar
Toby Andrews – Guitar

Their facebook presence is here, and their songs are available for free download here

General Jumbo

General Jumbo are a band from the backstreets of Cardiff who came together from working at Chapter Arts Centre kitchen.
All original songs, the style is influenced by The Small Faces, Beach Boys and Lee Perry to create a kinksabilly sound. The band
lineup consists of Oli Brindley (Animal Jack Band) on vocals and double bass, Kieran Dacey on guitar and arrangements, Marcus
Maurice (ex Dirty Revolution) on drums, Eugene Capper (Evening Chorus) on Banjo and Mike Leahey on Harmonika.  Their name comes from the 1970’s Beano Comic Character. You can keep up to date with what the band are up to by following their facebook page,, or bandcamp,


Nkata is a two-man music project, based around the Leeds area but with plans to tour around the UK in the coming months. Set to release their first album this autumn, Nkata’s music can be heard here and they can be followed on facebook here


Nodus1 is a solo and collaborative musical unit exploring the possibilities of semi-improvised, acoustic guitar sounds processed on computer. Nodus1 began in 2009 and has played low key informal gigs in London, Edinburgh, Tokyo and Valencia, in these cases playing with other musicians. In 2014, Nodus1 released two singles and one album. The current focus is on collaboration with singers. A ‘nodus’ is a tricky or difficult situation.

Wait For The Drop Creative Collective

Flavolous – Rapper/ Songwriter
Juskarma – Vocalist/ Songwriter/ Producer
MOAK – Poet
Zephyrus – Producer
DJ Jonny – Djay
Kenzo – Guitarist
iAuthentic – Singer/Songwriter
Janice – Singer/ Songwriter


Flavolous (Founder)aka Ashley T.C.
Main Field: Rapper/ Songwriter
Other skills: Videography/ Mixing & Mastering engineer / Production

Born in Harare, Flavolous is a very passionate music artist. Having acquired a naturally open taste from a young age, he chose to pursue more knowledge and understanding in the hip hop genre through curiosity of the culture. It is not just about being different for Flavolous; it’s about the desire to explore new environments and challenge expectations in favour of opening people’s perception and reception to art.

Juskarma – Jas Kalsi
Main Fields: Vocalist/Songwriter/Producer
Other Skills: Recording engineer, video directing and editing, artwork/design

Kenzo – Kenny Vaughan
Main Fields: Guitarist – finger style
Other skills: Vocals,

‘I like killer tunes that replay in your head for days and days and engage an untold craving to continue listening. I work towards epic full walls of sound and sequences that tell more than just a title of a song. I’m inspired by people with ambition and drive, especially with meaning and thought behind their actions. There has been too much time spent not showing people what I can do and playing to keep my creativity going, but now its time to bring it out. One message I will never forget – I read on a bottle once – “Change the world or go home”.’

MOAK – Michael Kwatia
Main field: Poetry
Other skills: song writing, acting, all round creative thinker.

iAuthentic – Kudiwa Nangati
Main Fields: Vocals/Singing/Songwriting
Other skills: (Continuously developing) Audio engineer & Pianist

21 year old aspiring professional musician with a sound mainly influenced by old school rhythm and blues. Constantly looking for ways to improve vocally, as an artist and increasing creativity are all part of the singer’s endeavours. Currently working on material to release for a public EP of original music.

Zephyrus – Bethel Mawoko
Main Fields: Producer/Artist/Guitarist/Keyboard/Drums
Other skills: Singing/Songwriting/Artwork design



  1. Fred Patton

    I don’t know who will read this, but I am an old friend of John Lusardi (a writer), who may or may not be the same John Lusardi of your publication. He and his brother Ed were in the US back in the late 60s-early 70s, and I visited them in Croydon. I would be most obliged if you would pass this on to your John Lusardi. If he is the person I suspect he is, please pass on my e-mail address. If If I am mistaken, please forgive me for the intrusion.
    Dr. Fred Patton
    Professor, West Chester University (Pennsylvania, USA)

    • John

      Hi im john lusardi, family from Casaleto Bedonia Italy, i live in Blackmill South Wales Uk

  2. Joey

    If you google ‘Edward Lusardi ‘, there are links to this name in Yeovil, Somerset, UK, but I didn’t see any mention of a ‘John Lusardi’. I hope you find the people you are looking for. Joey.

    • Jim Caso

      John Lusardi, whose younger brother is Ed, died in the mid to late 70’s in Dover. They both are from Croydon, London where the family owned small restaurant. They also own a house in Killorglin, Ireland. Yes, they visited the US in 1969 or 1970 for an extended stay wiring their wY across the US & ending up in Venice, CA where we all met. I am now trying to locate Eddie Lusardi.

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