Tim Williams – The Indestructibility of Beauty

The Indestructibility of Beauty

As Port Talbot grew
From black to grey to green
The way it always should have been
The indestructibility of beauty
All of this not new to me
Remember the clothes on washing day
That went out white and came in grey
But we were all afraid to say
Because it gave our father pay

All the mountains now, are lined with trees
Gone the coughs, the chesty wheeze
The smog has risen from the streets
Now we can breathe the fresh sea breeze
Old king coal no longer there
The giants turned to fuel fair
He must have read that poster too
It said that smoking’s bad for you

You were such a blemish going west
Putrid smelling, dirty pest
Ashamed of what the traveller saw
While heading for Carmarthenshire
It was not a place to stop for tea
Or stop the car for scenery
But now it’s changed and all is well
It no longer looks and smells like hell


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