Liam J. Dowler – TJ’s: Our Little Seattle

“This evocative rockumentary never gets boring.”

“TJ’s definitely deserves a feature length documentary. Absolutely loved the place and went there almost every weekend between 1992 and 2000. Cheers for a cracking wee video.”

Directed by: Liam J. Dowler

Camera and Sound: Arnoldas Alubauskas, Tim Lucas and Liam Bauckham

Edited by: Liam J. Dowler and Liam Bauckham

“While examining the influence of the ‘punk’ movement in Newport, we venture to explore the passion and grit within the four walls of the world renowned small music venue TJ’s in Newport from the eyes of 4 high passionate individuals. With specific insight into the legendary John Sicolo and the legacy he left behind.

We plan to further examine the subject in the form of a feature length documentary, which has been researched and will continue to be researched in the coming years. We are highly passionate about the subject and would love to portray it properly, within a proper runtime and crafted with the love it deserves.

Special thanks to:
Lloyd Miller Photography
Kriminal Records

Cowboy Killers
The Sicolo Family
Rest In Peace John x”

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