Aagash Vadera – Tick Tock

Tick Tock

I like to stare at the clock and watch the seconds tick and tock.
Although it’s a digital clock so there are no ticks or tocks,
But I hear them in my head anyway because it’s real in there.

tick tock, tick tock

You see, when your mind is filled with ticks and tocks
You don’t have to think about anything else but the next one;
The next tick and the next tock, wherever it may come from.

tick tock, tick tock

In a dark early morning it keeps me from losing the day
With safe, comfortable ticks and safe, comfortable tocks.
No-ones hands, I know, move in just that way.

tick tock, tick tock

Digital clocks have no faces, they’re always happy to see me, I think.
And when the doors shut and a veil is drawn, I am punctuated
By a silence that never cries and never sings.

tick tock, tick tock

Stand still and everything moves.
Inside me lives a catalogue of clocks, replacing beats with steel blocks
That wink as they gather dust on the window sill.

tick tock, tick tock

Sometimes it is easier to think in that way; you move on the tick, I on the tock.
But we always sleep when the lights go out.

tick tock, tick tock

Sometimes the minutes melt into hours and nothing moves, falls or breathes or thinks
Except the clock in my room, and in my head,
Where it is loudest of all things.

tick tock, tick tock

When the click clicking drowns out all other thoughts and
There’s no space for whirring, chiming, bees and blots and
Crack of sky is nothing but the Sun’s faded clot.
That’s when I like it the most.

tick tock, tick tock

I stare at the clock and watch the seconds tick by.
I want all life and mine to be bound and smothered in time
So that when the ticks stop and when the tocks stop, they stop –
and so do I.


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