Zander Baldwin – But Human

But Human

The barren Earth scouts
with dead hidden eyes,
the tale of another
human demise.
It thunders its anger,
and rains its tears,
as the clock ticks away
another few years.

Jealous and eager,
as to live so tender;
to give its athanasia
up for surrender.
the thrill of the threat –
this moment’s your end –
never forget,
it’s your life to defend!

but human,
just human;
but mortal,
just brittle.

Life’s delicate shroud
shall break, leaving you
for the mercy of
Grim’s final debut.
Nostalgia kicks,
and screams your remorse,
everything incomplete
during your course.

Waste not these moments,
snapshot life’s beauty.
To yourself, august
creation, the duty:
rectify your regrets
before they break;
heed, savour and adore
your every mistake.

but human,
just human;
but dying,
just living.


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