Rachel Grace Perry – In Wonder of the Improvised

In Wonder of the Improvised


Starting without a hope in mind
Patiently waiting for eternity to find
Inherited from elements combined
Amid the service of ‘mother’ divine,

Interweave, deepen your roots
Continue driving endless shoots
Giving permission to produce
Tools that grow to be of use

Underneath we barely see
The strife it takes to simply be
In our slumber, you will proceed
Adding to coordinated harmony

Network and complexity
Constructed ever so steadily
Fitting veiled plans still, readily
Through the formulae of chemistry

In the morn you come alive
As the sun shines over wide
As hypnotising gleams collide
Shadows lengthen, appear to glide

While structure stands in these mere beams
Silent grandeur is revealed it seems,
Since light, exposes in streams,
Shapes scatter about, moving in teams

As the daylight circles round
Valuing where this radiance is found
While both parties dance, rebound
Breathing, in form, in one compound

Flickering shade scarcely misread
As if this splendour was meant to spread
Still and quiet becomes the bed,
When darkness falls over head

At last you sleep awaiting next
A bright horizon to soon project,
From the given, followed steps,
Quietly we wait in respect

But when a new day does arrive
This repeat will not surprise
Let the undisturbed arise
Until again, we are in wonder of the improvised


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