Pete Ak – Maybe

“Based on a Buddhist Philosophy”


When I woke this morning I found, to my chagrin
My beautiful coal black stallion had broken his rein and ran.
My nemesis, Jim came sauntering in, he knew my horse was loose
He swaggered and sniggered, I knew what he figured
He just loved to tighten the noose.
He said, “you’re havin some bad luck pal”
“You gotta take it on the chin, like me”
I looked him straight in the eye
and with a hint of a smile,  said,
“Well.  Maybe.”

Just before noon, a familiar bray
As my stallion came trotting home.
A dappled mare whinneyed on his left flank,
On his right stood a strapping blue roan.
Jim kinda stared, the roan’s nostrils flared,
“You’re luck’s changed,” he said, smiling falsely,
Again, I fixed him hard in the eye
and  replied,
“Well. Maybe.”

When the sun rose high to the centre of the sky
my son came by, just to say hi…
And he saw my two new steeds.
He couldn’t resist a ride on that roan
But the horse got spooked and my son was thrown,
cracked his head and broke both knees.
Jim said, “Oh dear, oh dearie, dearie me
You’ve had a bit more bad luck I  see.”
I looked at Jim, then at my boy and said,
“Well. Maybe.”

With the crimson dusk, as I swept my floor,
There came a banging on my front door.
Upright soldiers standing there,
armed to the teeth and with a steely glare.
Said they needed my boy for the war.
They saw my son all busted up
For sure they couldn’t take him
But they wouldn’t say “no”
and  as I watched them go,
I felt sorry for poor old Jim.


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