Adrian Mallory – White Lines

White Lines

Freshly escaped from the fledgling dawn trembling hand fumbles square key into round door nervous energy leaping ‘cross synapses with every shrill crash of metal more time elapses

8 limbs fall through in a stampede symphony
eyes finally fall from each other to the bed
amorphous string of cares and clothes on floor
as the scoreboard gains one more figure of chalk

The particles form like never before
with captured electric energy
a fingerprint of this picturesque moment
with all senses heightened and potent
and the belief that the sun could rise in the west

but in the morning as sun climbs eastern peaks
a fierce ray pierces the cloud of chalk dust
destroying in a beat all of last nights vigour
all that remains is a plain straight white figure
identical to the next, same as the last
permanent reminder of an opportunity passed


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