Chanchal Kumar – If You Love Me

If You Love Me

Do you think of me,
Don’t you remember me When you look in the mirror?
When you laugh carefree and mean it
Do you remember me?
When the wind kisses you by,
Caressing your senses
Do you remember me,
Just a little?
And when someone enters the door
Do you expect him to be me?
And are you disappointed each time
When you realize it’s not me?
Do you glance that way
And you cannot keep your heart from sinking a little,
Everywhere you see
Do you look for me?
And don’t you find me,
In everybody you meet?
Don’t you?
For, I’ll be back,
Try and not miss me.
Believe me when  I say-
I am always there.
I never left you alone,
I never left.



  1. Afrin Khan

    ur questions are enuf to pierce ones heart….having feelings….ur work influenced me once again…awesum work frnd…keep going..wish u all d luck…

  2. Chanchal

    Thanks Afoo… 🙂

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