James D Quinton – Give Me Your Secrets

Give Me Your Secrets

at night
it’s beautiful
there’s a shore
soft sand
and pebbles
the moon reflects
off the breaking waves
and you, your smile,
opening heaven
in my heart
in the sky
I ask you for
your secrets
you play with your hair
and ask me ‘what next?’
we dance
to a soundtrack
that plays in our souls
it’s lilting and uplifting
melancholy and haunting
it’s elegant, like you
and we’re astray
caught in each
other’s gaze
your blue eyes
mine grey
our smiles
your hands grip mine
the waves collapse
a chill breeze
we cling, embrace,
i memorise
the rhythm of your
heart beats
you place my hand
on your belly,
you whisper
we kiss,
I drown in
your love,
I ask you for
your secrets.


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