John Lusardi – A Morning in the Harbour for Two Lovers

A Morning in the Harbour for Two Lovers

Two People are making plans;
Their hours run by – spent,
Moving behind their mirrors,
Underneath, plan “B” boils
Unknown to both!
And! As promising as it seems,
Building one-way dreams,
While the sand leaks, the glass empties.
But the promises grow;
Very – slow.

Excuses surface quicker than
The moving of their dry lips,
The stranger can taste; her dreams
He cannot see the rough sea, looks over
Her narrow shoulder,
A fleeting glimpse,
She splits herself in four!
He has split himself before,
Betrayed his wife
Cheap at the price;

Out of the plate of his choice
He picks at the crumbs behind her voice
Underneath it falls apart
So, many waves, of sea,
And good-byes,
Stranger sees this from-
Her small shoe box of dreams
And his head in the shed schemes,
Holding hands tied by
The seagull’s cries.

The day, the shore, cold feet;
Selling the crown jewel’s
It comes down to this day,
Being free of thoughts, priceless;
Their embers from the fire within
Furiously flying to escape!
Into the flames go her dreams;
A repeated chance!
Into the flames go his cares,
Burnt with their stars.


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