Yuan Porters – The Seven Ages of Tie

“Based 0n Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man'”

The Seven Ages of Tie 

And you’re standing in front of the mirror
on a September morning
with the tie around your neck
the knot feeling unnatural
but somehow necessary.
Five years later it hangs loose
naturally blending into
the scene
University, tie gone.
Let tie gones, be tie gones.
The graduate slips on
his old friend, reminiscent
of starting a new chapter once more
A new career;
to tie or not to tie?
Not quite fitting, but reassuringly present
Retirement; Retiement,
Tie takes on a part time job
as an accomplice on Sundays,
The final chapter,
in this tale of ties,
is death; the tie no longer necessary,
but still a loyal companion;
the tightness no longer a cause for discomfort.
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans tie, sans everything.


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