Lauren Cooper – Writings of a Madwoman

“Here are a couple of extracts from my work in progress – an experimental novel ‘Writings of a Madwoman’.”

Hannah O’Brien: I imagine your book being very JG Ballard.

Lauren Cooper: I think that’s probably a fair comparison.

Extract A. 

I am so tired but I daren’t sleep because I know I’ll start crying and think about
everything in the world, especially about why ladybirds have black dots on their
backs and why my heart always feels broken. And then I will fall asleep, which is ok
except it makes it closer to the next day when I have to just sit again and wait and try
to think.


Just read “for all their ideological differences – that’s right- he still loves her.” That’s
what we have, ideological differences. Send.

Open. Ha ha ha I don’t get it.

Erm. Like our ideas about the world, and how it could be better, our thoughts are
different. Ideological differences. Our worlds are different. Send.

Open. Yes I guess they are!

And that’s where you learn from other people. It’s like every person you meet and
have a relationship with offers you a piece of lego. And you either use it to build your
ideologies or put it to one side to remind you of how you don’t want your ideological
lego world to be. I love getting lego from people. I don’t look down on people like
you think I do. I want lego from everyone. Send.






Don’t you ever look at the stars? Send.

Open. No, I’m not a dreamer.

Looking at the stars doesn’t make you a dreamer. It just shows you’re aware of light
pollution. Send.


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